Catfish: Lil Bow Wow aka Dee Pimpin’ WTF?!?


I totally missed Catfish last night! But after reading all your posts on Facebook of course I was inclined to take a looky lou at what this was all about. Now, I have seen plenty of Catfish episodes but watching the first few minutes has taken the cake for me.

Poor lil Tink Tink named, Keyonna-19(part-time model!?!) was looking for love online and of course she stumbled across a mirage called Lil “Wow Wow”. I guess the $10K and sweet raps is what had this girl going and having her believe that she scored a  celebrity cash cow! Think again!

You have been punked by Dee Pimpin, 23 aka Lil Bow wow! Dee Pimpin is a young “stud” who likes to stalk and freak-out, straight women as a personal hobby.


My thing is….you had to have known that one day you were going to meet MC Dee Pimpin! And why wouldn’t Keyonna be the least bit skeptical after all this time….you couldn’t even get a 15 sec SKYPE! But Dee Pimpin had other things in mind with love, a “Lamb Skin” dildo and a $10K bonus!?!?! Jesus take the wheel for this child. Unfortunately, the biggest loser was poor Keyonna. She has been embarrassed to the nation trying the choppy waters of finding cyber-love, not using that $10K to get a new brazilian weave or an outfit for TV and no support for her kids.

Even the shows creator was shocked and appalled!

Of course you know the “Real” Bow Wow had to sprinkle his feelings about the flattery shown on MTV. Not only did he offer to meet the girls at his house but also, put in a shameless plug for the failing BET 106 & Park show he hosts. All I can say is……TAKE A SEAT, SIR!

The winner in this situation is: Dee Pimpin! Even though she lost the girl and all her friends $10,000.. but mark my words…I can see interviews, record cameos, etc coming for this girl/boy!


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6 thoughts on “Catfish: Lil Bow Wow aka Dee Pimpin’ WTF?!?

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  2. I’m sorry you had to go through that it’s a shame that when you try to find love that there are people in the wings who try and exploit that.Keep you’re head up keyonna there’s someone genuine out there for you

  3. I take my hat of to Keyonna ! She made it clear she wasn’t Gay….. And was hurt by A fraud. Pimpin is trying get on a reality show roller coaster. These lesbian’s are taking over. Look around America, they are everywhere. Stay true to God’s word. Live by the word of God. And break down those Gay wanna be girl guys. Stand keep our young women from these fraud esters .

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